The Dark Attic

The Dark Attic


The dark attic, the bearer of stillness….

The frost glazed, glass window hung high, etched by days of ice and wind…

My windows are a looking mirror, into the seasons of the past.

A summer storm, finds my love and I on cool board and quilt of down…a secret place.

Autumn sunshine reaches long on cinnamon dust rays; exposing web and spider, the old letter and the broken chain of an old silver charm.

A winter’s eve, the long awaited visitor returns collecting jeweled treasures of glass and wood; forgotten but not lost.

A tree will shine with all its glory under the dark attic.

By Duskflyervisions

This is a place you can choose to view or purchase, distinctive fine art paintings, archival photographs, heirloom, hand-painted and collectible egg ornaments, writings and books by Tommie Flannery Baskis © 2018 Duskflyer Vision Art & Productions. All Rights Reserved.

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