Fluff, is the magical ‘Stuff’ I find left behind on my ‘Abandoned House Journeys’



Fluff, is the magical ‘Stuff’ that I find left behind on my ‘Abandoned House Journeys’ !

This is a very unique feeling to write about for me, perhaps it is an intimate and special moment, as a photographer of abandoned places and rural haunts, that I experience upon finding ‘left behind treasures’ (someone’s junk) that will help me discover the forgotten story of the ones that were there before us.

There is so much emotion and excitement upon  finding a ‘hidden treasure’ such as an old letter dated in the 1930’s, old and dirty costume jewelry, photographs, books eaten away by time and mice, old Christmas cards and newsprint, cupboard dishes with their faded painted roses, dolls, ragged and broken but still smiling …

I have explored many places in my life and collected so many stories, photographs of objects and abandoned places through the years and I still receive so much  joy, upon finding bits and pieces of the mystery and people that came before me.

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