At Angel Blue Perfume LLC, We Create Enchantment with Natural, Artisan Crafted Perfumes & Colognes without Toxins!

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One will discover in Angel Blue Perfume, all natural, mysterious and lovely notes. I love to select plant essences that are truly sensual and mysterious! I enjoy the harmony of essences and creating a story that unfolds upon ones skin that is sensual, earthy and ethereal. Each of my scents has a special story that is very unique upon the skin of the bearer.

Whether you are seeking a truly feminine or masculine scent, we can offer that enchantment!

Your  senses will be enticed by unique combinations of  warm and exotic mimosa, magnolia, vetiver, frankincense, cocoa, clove, orange blossom, geranium, coconut, rose, ylang ylang, luscious vanilla, jasmine, chamomile, lime, anise, sandalwood, pine, bergamot, cedar wood, lemon, lavender, black pepper, myrrh, amyris, spikenard, violet leaf, rosewood, melissa, coffee and many other enticing note combinations.

The gentlemen can be delighted to know my exclusive signature cologne for them is “DragonSlayer” ; with notes of fresh lime, anise, bergamot, silver fir, sandalwood, cedarwood, black pepper and a touch of cocoa make this truly masculine scent a desirable, warm and smoky blend of sensual plant essences!

The ladies and gentlemen will love the masculine notes that evoke earthy warmth, deep forest with a touch of dark spice.

I love all of my creations at ‘Angel Blue’ and take great care in choosing the finest plant essences from the wood, root, leaf, spice & flower species. I use only GC/MS oils and essences that are wild crafted, distilled and pure.

This enables me to offer luxurious, natural perfumes and cologne for women and men that are free of toxins and synthetic aldehydes. Truly distinctive, lovely and Victorian inspired!

Ash Rose Moon, one of my many feminine scents for women, is an example of an elegant, magical and floral perfume that is very sensual!

Ash Rose Moon is an enticing blend of notes that are sweet with floral magnolia, brightened by the tart & exotic yuzu, a deep romantic rose, earthen and powdery vetiver grass, mysterious melissa and a sensual mystery note that adds complexity to this luscious “Victorian” style perfume!

Please visit our website at 

and request your fine perfume samples today! One can also find Angel Blue Perfume In Louisville, KY at Block Party Handmade Boutique,  downtown on 4th Street and at the location on Frankfort Ave.

Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready to step into your artisan crafted, distinctive, natural fragrance and into your dreams…









By Duskflyervisions

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