‘The Forgotten Promise’

He, the One who has given me everything, walks before me in the light that hides in dark places of the forest.

The sun casts his shadow, a forging of smoke patterns that are winged and amaranthine.

It is in his eyes, the vigilant watching of a believer; one who willfully ensnares a moment for you to behold.

He speaks words that have the sound of deepness; thoughts that flow like an old story…

A forgotten promise-

He speaks to me as we walk the moments. Lucid and crystalline are the sound of his thoughts;

like far away cathedral bells, breaking through mist, on waves of light…

His name is beyond our time, at the seat of origination-

I will always remember, the message given –

‘In Spirit, tempered by holy fire, it was given to all, my child.

The Covenant, made for us all, has always been near you; even while you chose to sleep.

The Promise, has been seeded by the Four Corners of Power-

The Sea, that carves its path, clean and sharp, to the soul of man, in order to see.

The Aether, that possesses all energy and binds the holy fire; slowly burning in the Children of the Light; as it waits for the door of the final crossing to appear-

-The Gathering has Begun-

The Earthen vessels of all creation, know that they resonate, in this time, for pure purpose, to carry the message, from the Beginning.

The Fire, of holy essence, has always guarded the promise of the great Covenant.

The Watchers have assembled, from the Four Corners of Light, in the presence of all-

Each one of you, bound by special blood, are here at your time of knowing, from the Promise that was executed and sealed; to not remember the origin of your presence.

Victorious, is your place in the storm to come and in the storm that has passed-

The great fire essence, stands without fear, burning the new path; finding its way back home…

The space beyond, the veil, is Watching and Protecting what it owns, never to be destroyed-

All Warriors, Seers, Executors of the Forgotten Promise-‘


By- Tommie Flannery Baskis  –  (c.) 2019 Duskflyer Vision





By Duskflyervisions

This is a place you can choose to view or purchase, distinctive fine art paintings, archival photographs, heirloom, hand-painted and collectible egg ornaments, writings and books by Tommie Flannery Baskis © 2018 Duskflyer Vision Art & Productions. All Rights Reserved.


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