Jupiter and Lucinda; and the Backbone of a Knucklehead Motorcycle



My Father told me, – ” Desire is a mighty strong and strange force, my child; working its alchemical magic upon our child like, puppet souls.”

I never knew where Jupiter came from that December, southern night, when I was walking that same old, red clay road that lead into Dusty Spirit Springs, mining town…my town.

The power of some mighty aligning stars, must have been positioned just so;

at the moment I felt the low rumble of hot pushrods and rockers of the overhead valve engine of Jupiter’s Knucklehead.

I did not have to turn around on this dark road, to see into Jupiter; I could feel his force coming near, closely watching me move as I sauntered in the dress I sewed together from pieces of silk, linen and ribbon that my Mother left behind; long ago.

I am Lucinda Mae and This is a story of Jupiter, myself and our friends Kane and Leroy Rose. It is best told from the Beginning…

The story still makes me smile, secretly; in a dark place, it burns brighter than the sun-

As he slowed his ride, to speak to me, I caught a glimpse of what my Daddy warned me of; His desire was clear as a winter sky;

Sharply cut, fractured blue glass-

His eyes; Cold and Expansive, in one quick moment of clarity, I see myself-

I smile, from a hidden place. the place where my treasured secrets reside.

His voice has a timbre of deep warmth and I can detect the scent of black walnut smoke faintly upon his skin.

He spoke to me.  “Is this the road into Dusty Spirit Springs? I can give you a ride in girl, if you are going into that town.”

As Jupiter spoke, all I could do was feel his energy rise up in some deep, far way place inside me. A place I have only dreamed of, before…

I knew he was like me; special, growing up wild, not knowing where we come from-

I loved looking at his strong hands, working man’s hands, as they gripped the ape hanging bars. I blushed, hoping he would not see, dreaming of what magic those hands held, if they were to touch me.

I knew, for the first time, the aching desire that I felt would have to be governed from here on out-

I said, “I would like a ride into my town, even though this is the road I walk every evening by the woods, but I am getting pretty cold, quick…”

That was a lie; I could have burned the devil himself, with my heat.

He smiled, ” Well, my people call me Jupiter. I have a brother who lives in Dusty Sprit; His name is Kane. He rides an ole’ Shovel with loud pipes, you know him?”

“I do know Kane.” I said endearingly. “He is a friend of mine and Leroy Rose, she is one of us, too….we enjoy our moments together.”

I knew then, that the dreams that were foretold, would bring a match of power and gift to us; a completion of our union; as the gifts we shared, could only be created when four of us were together.

It was what the energy needed, in order to wield the presence of things to come.

My life riding into our old mining town, was forever changed. a resetting of internal clocks that would alter the destiny of what we were and what we would become, forever.

Jupiter was the President of a Motorcycle Club, a gathering that is not spoken of. They were known as ‘Draconis Sons’. They were thought of often, when good people needed them. Feared, often by those men, that wielded wicked intention upon others. Those stories of reckoning, are whispers in a cross wind. The only thing left is the fleeting moment of fear, felt by someone who met his match…

We rode into town, on that winter, full moon, southern night, close to Christmas; I have never felt such energy, since those first delicious, moments when Jupiter slowly put his strong arm, down behind him, to reach back and touch my leg, gently;

as if to say I have you.

I knew I would make him mine-

We met up with Kane and Leroy Rose, and the union was complete. The alignment that was cast into the heavens had found its place, here, with us…

We played that night, like children anticipating precious gifts hidden from view.

I still smile, warmly remembering us riding into the December night air, finding old Caedmon’s ‘honky tonk’; we played a game of pool on a table that had seen more than pool balls; and warmed up with icy beer, before setting out with a six pack under Leroy Rose’s dress, as she held onto Kane for dear life, as his Shovelhead ripped through the cold night.

The cross wind was so strong, Jupiter’s woolen scarf choked gently on my neck as we blazed a path down old Hwy 111. I worried my homemade dress would tear at the seams before the night was through…

We stopped just outside of town and turned into the winter forest;

This is the place, I found a part of myself that had been waiting in the dark…a sweet place; a story unfolding unto the presence of primal power.

Jupiter and I got to know each other real good that evening; We both understood the specialness and mystery of our union.

He balanced the bike up like it was a toy and slid me close to him on the backbone of that knucklehead bike. His strength was intoxicating to me.

His hands were magical…and I found my place alongside the rhythm of our breath as we kissed.

With our eyes closed, it felt like a warm liquid sun was shining upon us, forever blessing this union; those moments in time, that bound us as Jupiter and Lucinda.

Children, whose souls are set free by the promise of truth in the light.

jupiter and lucinda 4



By – Tommie Flannery Baskis   – (C.) 2019






By Duskflyervisions

This is a place you can choose to view or purchase, distinctive fine art paintings, archival photographs, heirloom, hand-painted and collectible egg ornaments, writings and books by Tommie Flannery Baskis © 2018 Duskflyer Vision Art & Productions. All Rights Reserved.


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