Month: April 2019


” If They Knew our Secret”

Gateways, my ways… stories are a timeless lullaby; dreamy, I’m forgetting, beyond the veil. Lucid light, awakens me again. Suddenly, moments have accountability; suddenly moments in our summer, reign forever… Will the Angels beyond, smile upon us, if they knew our secret…   ___  Tommie Flannery Baskis —-


‘Dancing in the Doorway, in Featherbed Hollow’

I can still hear the deep throaty sound of the cam on his Granddaddy’s flathead V8 truck, as he ripped through the dusty roads of Featherbed Hollow; one of the roads that led to me, that steamy summer. I stood in the doorway, moving my hips slowly to the electric hum of cicada, while Billie Holiday’s ‘The Man I Love’ softly whispered from the back … Read More ‘Dancing in the Doorway, in Featherbed Hollow’

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