~A Summer’s Dream~

~A Summer’s Dream~ The Cicada buzz mounts to a vibratory fury and descends swift, as I watch the mist settle upon the summer fields. Bull thistle has gone to seed among the barn; white flurries dance, softly, upon the electric aether, before the storm. I wander a lush and timeless countryside, where feathery mimosa trees blossom,… Continue reading ~A Summer’s Dream~

‘The Weight of Wings in a Dark Forest’

    ‘The Weight of Wings in a Dark Forest’ The Lady of dust and woods, creates thoughts in dreams, upon the weight of wings in a dark forest. Thoughts that shimmer and drape, silk white aether, on the cindered soil of forgotten leaf dust. She, the one they call when shadows no longer follow… Unfolds… Continue reading ‘The Weight of Wings in a Dark Forest’

‘Lady of the Woods’

‘Lady of the Woods’   Shimmering ashes and silvered cloth, drape long and smooth, Like a slow fog that whispers over the forest path, to adorn the Lady of the Woods. As the sun lies down before her, a glory of mist in the smoky heaven; the very breath of Angels of the winter land.… Continue reading ‘Lady of the Woods’

Old Grandpier Primitive Baptist Church

“The watcher knows the mystery in the living, dances close to what we promised to not remember…” The vision will be dreamed through the season of knowing… The vision will be passed on to you and me… Tommie,  I>  I=   Old Grandpier Primitive Baptist Church It was a very old Baptist Church, settled on… Continue reading Old Grandpier Primitive Baptist Church