Moments in the Studio with Duskflyer Vision Art & Productions

Through the years, my quest for ‘The Forgotten Story’ has taken me on many intriguing and inspiring journeys through America, especially the quaint mid-west river towns.

These lovely places and stories that have deep roots in early American history, touched my soul and has given me insight for many of my creative works. The inspiration from these places can be felt and seen through my writings, paintings and photographs.

I am truly joyful to be getting back into my studio to start upon a new painting. I have been very busy publishing Volumes I & II of The Abandoned Story and I am so grateful I can share these special journeys with you. Thank you to all of my dear friends, colleagues, family and lovers of my work, who purchased my book and supported me through the years. Your encouragement and friendship mean the world to me.

Getting back to my studio has felt incredible and this newest painting will be a challenge. I will be documenting my progress as I paint so I can share with you all.

I mix all of my own colors and hues from the primary colors. This is something I have always enjoyed doing even though it takes quite a bit of time. I slowly layer paint with brushes and knives. I use a dry brush effect with light colors and glazes. This is something the famous artist Andrew Wyeth would have done.

The picture below of the canvased sketch is taken from several photographs and then I have incorporated them together for the conceptual painting I will be creating. I sketch out the largest and most important elements first and then add things into the design that I have planned, once I begin to paint.

Please follow my Blog to find out more about my work.

Blessings~ I> (= 1111

img_6861-t-12IMG_6247 The Castle 1

By Duskflyervisions

This is a place you can choose to view or purchase, distinctive fine art paintings, archival photographs, heirloom, hand-painted and collectible egg ornaments, writings and books by Tommie Flannery Baskis © 2018 Duskflyer Vision Art & Productions. All Rights Reserved.

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