A Vision into 1800’s Barren County, KY and Abandoned Places

It has been stated that Barren County, KY has the most fertile land in the state.  It is easy to understand this ” old statement” when exploring the Big Barren River, undulating creeks, the old ancient trees lumbering over country lanes  and  the soft rolling hillsides of this area of Kentucky.  I often wonder as I explore these places of abandonment, of the people that once called this fine and fertile land their own, the joys and hardships that they encountered and wishing there was someone to pass on the stories to me…..even if it is a faint whisper of some feeling from standing quietly for a moment where they once stood.  I just have my camera, my eyes and an eager openness to capture what is left now. 

The following photographs and writings come from the area of Barren County along its country lanes, Allen County near the Barren River, the very old Parrish Cemetery and a Family plot in a winter corn field near my home property. I hope you enjoy!

There is a summary of early history in Barren and Allen Counties that I would like to display from a forward to Allen County, Kentucky Tax Records of which is compiled by Jeanette Steenbergen Gardner.

It is an important note that Kentucky was part of Virginia in the 1700’s and a section of Fincastle County, Virginia was taken to form Kentucky County in 1776.  A division of this county formed Fayette, Jefferson and Lincoln Counties. June the 1st of 1792 Kentucky became a state.  In September of that year Logan County was created from Lincoln and in turn Warren County was created from Logan in 1796.  Barren County came to be on a chilly December 20th 1798 from Green and Warren Counties. Allen County became to be created on January 11, 1815 from part of warren and Barren Counties.

Some of the first Families to arrive here were the Claypool, Venable, Stovall, Hagans and the Sonoma County Cockrills of which settled the area in the beginning of 1800’s. They were attracted by the heavy virgin timber forest and lushness of the area in game and land.  Barren County was also called   “The Carolina District” for it was settled during 1801 to 1812 by Anglo Saxon people who still spoke Elizabethan English from the Carolinas area.

This is a journal note from John Spencer and Family who settled in Allen County in 1797 near Walnut, Big Difficult Creeks near the Big Barren River.

“…. The country was gently undulating, rather than hilly, an intense unbroken forest covered the whole region between Barren River and the Tennessee Line. The trees were of great size, comprising many species among which were Poplar, Ash, Chestnut, Black Walnut, White Walnut, Hickory, varieties of Oak, Elm, Honey Locust, Hackberry, Beech and Sugar Maple. The last named was of special value to the settlers since from it they manufactured nearly all sugar and molasses they used for more than a third of a century after the country began to be settled. The undergrowth comprised of redbud of which was valuable in the manufacture of gunpowder, Dogwood, Sumac, Sassafras, Persimmon, Pawpaw, Spicewood and Hazel. Immense canebrakes covered a large portion of the richest uplands.  Bear, elk, deer and wild turkey with smaller game were abundant and all the streams teemed with excellent varieties of fish. The peavines and other nutritious vegetation in summer and the canebrakes in winter, furnished abundant supplies of food for cattle and horses and an abundance of nuts and acorns for all the hogs the settlers needed. The soil was fertile and water was plentiful and excellent quality. Cotton, flax and wool, for home consumption, were easily produced and wives and grown up daughters of the settlers were skilled in spinning and weaving them into fabrics, and making the fabrics into garments. The skins of wild animals were also dressed and made into garments, caps and moccasins for the men. Perhaps there was no spot on our globe where men could live better with so little labor…”

 IMG_3103 Alfred Cook Rd abandoned house


I hope you all enjoyed a few of the photographs I have collected on my journeys through barren County, KY. There is so much beauty and I could write and post so much more but I promise you will  have a chance to read about these things in my second volume of ‘The Abandoned Story”.

This book features many of the rural haunts, forgotten stories, abandoned places, historical towns, rivers and countryside of Mid-west America that I truly love to document and write about.

Please follow me if you would like to see more on these beloved areas and know more of the history of ‘Old’ America.

Live your vision, walk in your light-


















My Art Studio, A Place for Dreams-

IMG_2290 ice field sunriseIMG_2248.JPG

I am so thrilled to be back into my large art studio again to celebrate the New Year of 2018 !

I have always enjoyed walking through the door of my studio to a warmness, an inviting coziness that is serene yet stimulating. The radio, that is quietly playing a classical tune, is there to greet me.

This is my place to create, my place to dream…

I have several projects I will be working on and creating this year. The first one I will be painting is ‘The Weight of Wings in a Dark Forest’.

I am excited to paint this lovely work and I will be mixing the many hues of gold, lavender, rose, umbers and charcoal hues from the primary colors.

I will share some of these photographs of my progress this year.

Make sure to follow my art website blog at http://www.duskflyer.com


IMG_3016 painting in art studio b&w

IMG_2989 Tommie on New Years Day



Federal Grove in Auburn, Kentucky is Steeped in History as it is Charm

IMG_2517 Rockers.jpgIMG_2500 Lovely china.jpgIMG_2535 Quilts.jpgIMG_2498 Dining Room.jpgIMG_2538 Fireplace Mantel.jpgIMG_2527 American Linen.jpgIMG_2511 Table lamp and glass.jpgIMG_2537 Stair bannister quilts.jpg



Federal Grove History

Since 1835, Federal Grove has had  a reputation for southern charm and hospitality when travelers from Louisville, Nashville and surrounding areas, would stop by for a short stay to be refreshed.

During 1785, General Jonathan Clark, the eldest brother of William Clark from the Lewis and Clark expedition team, had been awarded 10,000 acres of prime land for his service in the Revolutionary War.

This grant of land had to be taken west of the Green River in Kentucky. General Jonathan Clark made his first stop at Federal Grove to be with daughter, Eleanor and son-in-law Benjamin Temple. They would establish Federal Grove, a 1,700 acre plantation in 1805.

The farm would eventually grow to over 2,000 acres. They would have abundant crops of corn, wheat and a large livestock operation. There were 26 slaves on the plantation.

Eleanor would leave Federal Grove after the passing of her husband, Mr. Temple and later would sell the property to Captain Harrison Wood.

During his time there Captain Wood re-named the settlement to Woodville. There would be the creation of a general store, blacksmith shop and a small schoolhouse during the 1850’s.

It is told that during the Civil War, Captain Wood “high-tailed” it out to Texas in fear for his life.

No battles took place at Federal Grove but many Confederate and Union soldiers would travel through this place. They would take things they needed along the way.

A young gentleman farmer, named James Monroe Hall,  bought Federal Grove in 1871 and would stay in the Hall Family until 1991.

Terry and Wayne Blythe would purchase 13 acres and the home. In 1992 after being restored it was turned into a lovely, southern B&B with a restaurant.

Another fine point is that Federal Grove, by many accounts, are the southernmost maple syrup producers! During the winter month of January the sap begins to flow with periods of freezing and thawing all the way until early March. The sap collected is a tedious task of boiling the sugary sap until it turns into a lovely syrup. It is amazing that it takes 35-50 gallons of boiled sap to produce one gallon of syrup.

If you want a taste of the Kentucky South, come by Federal Grove to sample the many charms that await you!

The lovely owners were very gracious and let me visit for a spell and take some lovely photographs that display the charm and elegance of a Kentucky Bed and Breakfast at its finest!

Please follow me and stay tuned for more exciting historical journeys from the American Mid-west!


IMG_2521 Tommie at Federal Grove

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Blessings and Wishes for a Merry Christmas and New Year!


IMG_2898 Christmas Tree.jpg

IMG_2812 T with tree and lavender

CCI03312017_00014 Me, Ben and Papa

Looking back upon this year I feel so very blessed to have dear people in my life who truly love me; Family and friends are true Gifts from God. The time I have spent with each one of you has been wonderful. I am grateful for you all.

I have lost some precious people in my life this past year, including my brother Benjamin Spencer Flannery. I will always treasure the wonderful moments we shared together growing up and all the fun times we had during the Christmas season. Ben and I loved to go sledding in the snow and drink hot chocolate. He would always collect the scrap  branches from our pine tree at Christmas after Dad would trim the tree, then he would make his own tree with lights and ornaments to put on his bedroom dresser. He was so sweet as a child.

I remember all of the fine scents from my Grandmas’ kitchen as she baked pies and cookies for the Family.

As a little girl, I would read books under our Christmas tree at night until I fell asleep. It is so sweet to have great childhood memories that one can recall throughout the years. They always make me smile with joy.

I am also pleased with one of my gifts from Paul! He gave me the gift of beautiful Hickory hardwood floors. They were just finished on Friday in time to enjoy for the Holidays. Thank you Paul, XO…

We would like to wish all of our dear friends, family and clients a very Merry Christmas and healthy, joyful New Year!

I am so thankful to God for the things he has given us and the things he has taken away…

Blessings to you all and your loved ones this Holiday Season! Enjoy all of your precious moments!







Christmas Gift Orders must be made by December 13th! Wrapping and Ribbon Included!



Winter Holiday ad1.jpg

I just want to remind anyone who might want to place a gift order of Angel Blue Perfume & Cologne for the Christmas Holidays, you must make an order no later than December 13th for Domestic shipping!
I have had an incredible year with such wonderful clients and friends who have supported this business and I just want to thank you all so very much! I have had the honor to ship not only domestically but internationally, to many fine people this year! I also was fortunate to showcase my products in several lovely boutiques and shops, like Block Party Handmade Boutique in Louisville, KY.
I wish many blessings, joy and love for you and yours this wonderful Season and throughout the New Year! I look forward to sharing my many journeys as I continue my fine art paintings, photography of abandoned places for my newest book and my holistic perfume business.
Be sure to visit angelblueperfume.com  if placing an order.
Tommie Flannery Baskis

Wishes for Hope, Graciousness and Faith in our Time of Living…

Duskflyer Vision Art

IMG_2711 T by tree 5

” To be able to hear the divine calling, for grace to flow abundantly, it is enough to love something dearly, music, the sun, or a little child.”   – Ramakrishna

The season of Christmas and the coming of the New Year has always felt like the most serene and reflective gift I could ever receive as a young girl.

It was always natural for me to take the time of reflection and allowance for myself and other individuals to be just that….a very special entity, an individual unto the world, to spread the joy of one’s unique creation, hope and love to one another.

I believe as we get older many of us do forget the unique power we yield to make a difference in this world as creators, as children of the Creator.

I wish for us all the remembrance of the grace and glory we all share in…

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Wishes for Hope, Graciousness and Faith in our Time of Living…

IMG_2711 T by tree 5

” To be able to hear the divine calling, for grace to flow abundantly, it is enough to love something dearly, music, the sun, or a little child.”   – Ramakrishna


The season of Christmas and the coming of the New Year has always felt like the most serene and reflective gift I could ever receive as a young girl.

It was always natural for me to take the time of reflection and allowance for myself and other individuals to be just that….a very special entity, an individual unto the world, to spread the joy of one’s unique creation, hope and love to one another.

I believe as we get older many of us do forget the unique power we yield to make a difference in this world as creators, as children of the Creator.

I wish for us all the remembrance of the grace and glory we all share in the light.

I am forever grateful for the love that has surrounded me in the good times as well as the love that has been withheld from me from the ones who are afraid…they are the ones who have carved hope and faith into my being.

I think of all my Family and Friends during the Season, who are here and the ones who have passed on in love and warm memories.

It is important to take the time to give of yourself and the love within you, to listen to an elder who is lonely, a child who is always reaching for Love, the ones who live in fear and anguish.

Let us hope we all find our path of reckoning, as we look upon it, with an allowance of what has been and what will be…and that all was done in love.

Merry Christmas to all and wishes for hope, graciousness and faith in our time of living.

Angel Blue Perfume LLC and Duskflyer Vision Art would like to thank each and everyone who has offered support, friendship and guidance throughout the year of 2017! Blessings to you all and good cheer, be yours!









Holiday Shipping Dates and the Magic of Decorating from Angel Blue Perfume LLC

Hello to everyone out there! I hope your days are filled with good cheer, a full spirit and magical moments this Holiday Season!

Thanksgiving is soon upon us and this fine year is coming to a close. I want to say a few things and remind everyone about shipping dates , domestic and international.

I am wishing a wonderful Thanksgiving to all of our Family, Friends and Clients from Angel Blue Perfume!

A sincere thank you to all who have supported me in my dream to create some of the finest “Victorian inspired & holistic perfumes and colognes on the market today! I am truly grateful beyond words.

It has been a fine year with many domestic and international sales. I have had the good fortune to sell my fine perfume in several independent retailers, too!  With this being said, I have been extremely busy,  learning so much in the laboratory. I have quite a few new scents in the works and will be excited to unveil them in 2018, including our very own harvested and distilled honeysuckle.

I love the Winter Season and the spirit of love, gratitude, baking, gift giving, joy and time spent with Family and Friends! To me, it does not get better than that.

Decorating my home with a tree, garland for the fireplace mantel, the lighting of candles, with their wishes and prayers, wrapping gifts for my loved ones and baking is pure heaven. I love to see the joy and smiles we all give to one another when we give of our time.

Be good, be kind to yourself and to others and remember to create magic and joy by decorating your place with love and cheer!!

I want to remind everyone that if you are sending Christmas gifts this year to your loved ones, the dates for Domestic and International shipping are below :

International Mail –  Send no later than December 9th for Priority Mail.

International Priority Mail Express – Send out by December 14th

International Global Express – December 19th


Domestic Shipping-  (Send No Later Than)

First Class Package – Retail – December 19th

Priority Mail –  December 20th

Priority Mail Express – December 22nd


“I hope each and everyone of you enjoy this Season with Family and loved ones near! Raise a glass of cheer, to you,  yours and neighbors far and dear…”











‘Lady of the Woods’




‘Lady of the Woods’

Shimmering ashes and silvered cloth, drape long and smooth,
Like a slow fog that whispers over the forest path, to adorn the Lady of the Woods.
As the sun lays down before her, a glory of misty silk in the smoky heaven; The very breath of Angels of the Winter land.
Her lullaby, shattered crystals that resonate bright upon the ether,
Rejoice in the gathering of Wood Thrushes, that will carry her tune
To the Knight of her heart-
The stygian corridors of man, where no apparitions dare to quarter,
The Knight will find her.
In dreams, where the ‘Shadows of the Light’ speak the stories that we see,
Beyond veil and mist, she will be-
The Lady of the Woods,
Shimmering ashes and silver cloth, a formed mystery
A story foretold.


IMG_6051 Lady of the Woods



(c.) 2017 Angel Blue and Duskflyer Vision Art








The Secret Place (11:11)

The Secret Place (11:11)

In the long days and moments of her dream wandering, she will discover the Secret Place.

She moves at peace through angel snow and forest, as a child that knows its way.

She comes with the hope of eternal sun, a rustling leaf melody and the bloom of life dancing to cicada’s electric hum.

Her eyes of wandering reflect what she has known, what has always lived there; older than blood and stone.

The old house awaits her return. It moves and stirs a dust from its powder sugared clapboard walls.

A fire creates a ghostly dance upon wood, bellowing chimney smoke into a starry mystery.

Her steps enter through a forsaken door; to hear cries of children of December, always longing for warmth and love.

The memory of children in summer sun, with the scent of burning honeysuckle and their small bare feet, run forever; so reverent and sure-

She knows her will, creates the dream of her wandering.

This house of secret refuge, like a man that awaits her return with calm fever, holding the vision

Sun bright on storm gilded wing, flying to her…


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