My Mission and Story as an Artisan Perfumer; The Importance of Creating without Synthetic Aldehydes and Toxins




IMG_6458 Tommie with daisy

“Ever since I was young, my appreciation for the ‘real’ things in life were very important to me. I always loved the taste of real butter on my food, heavy cream in my coffee, natural honey and sugars, ripe garden vegetables. The scent of essences and spices from garden herbs and flowers were always sensual and intriguing to me.”

As a child I would make concoctions of vanilla and almond extract, crushed cinnamon and clove mixed with oil to apply on my skin. I just loved the sensual nature of these beautiful spices and natural scents!

It only seems right and natural that I would study medicinal plants and Taxonomy as I grew older. I was influenced by the ‘green thumb’ my Father had; The first man who taught me about the value of a garden.

I loved researching the ‘old ways’ during the Victorian times on perfume making.  I studied the workings, ideas and information of the wonderful Shaker women and men, also.

Through the years, my long hikes through the Mid-west seasons taught me much about plants and trees.

I dreamed of creating fragrances from the leaf, flower, wood, spice and oil of plant essences; the things that deeply inspired my creative passion as a child.

I have worked very hard on my artistic endeavors, writings, photography of abandoned places, cemeteries and old river towns in the Mid-west and wanted to make my dream of an holistic and artisan fragrance company come true!

Angel Blue Perfume LLC came into being upon years of dreams, passions and delivering a fine product that would be a safe and alternative choice to synthetic, chemical laden perfumes and colognes of today.

The information I could write about on this subject is extremely extensive and I will only focus on a few synthetic variants and chemicals. Especially two of them that I do not have in my formulations.

Angel Blue Perfume LLC does not use any synthetic aldehydes, petro- chemicals or Phthalates (diethyl phthalate). We use a Polar Solvent Extraction for our wild-crafted plants.

An aldehyde (alkanal) is known as an organic compound that contains a functional group with a structure – CHO, that consists of a carbonyl center ( a carbon double bonded to oxygen) with the carbon atom also bonded to hydrogen and to an R group, which is, or can be any generic alkyl or side chain. The group not containing the- R – is the aldehyde group, also known as – Formal group.

Aldehydes are very common in organic chemistry. There are many fragrances that contain aldehydes.

This being said many aldehydes are naturally occurring, especially in essential oils, plants, spices etc. The word aldehyde was spoken by Justus Von Liebig, an intelligent scientist who actually invented the first nitrogen-based fertilizer. It is taken from the Latin, Alcohol Dehdrogenatus  (dehydrogenated alcohol).

Aldehydes are not always synthetic, it is important to understand this. Nature has produced many natural occurring aldehydes, such as decanal. It can be found in citrus, conifers, some flower oils, coriander and much more. Some of these are very strong in odor, some are pleasant and other are just down right offensive.

Tran-4,5- opoxy- (E)-2 decanal gives a metallic aspect and taste to our blood.

During the early 1900’s many scientists were hard at work to synthesize ‘new’ materials for creating ‘synthetic’ aldehyde fragrances. Aldehydes were heavier compounds, that are often soapy smelling and they are cheaper to synthesize. Most all of the modern perfumes and colognes have synthetic compounds that lengthen the odor or make the fragrances last longer.

Before the early 1900’s perfumes were based on natural products and real substances from flowers, spices, woods, citrus and musk.

Perfumery goes back 5,000 years with the Egyptians who used perfumed oils for religious ceremonies such as the scented gums of myrrh and frankincense.

A fragrance house can supply a manufacturer of scents over 3,000 base ingredients. Diethyl phthalate (DEP), is used as a solvent and fixative in fragrances to make the scent last longer. Diethyl phthalate is a plasticizing agent that was created to make plastic more flexible.

According to the – Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. many of these chemical compounds have been shown to be allergy causing and hormone disruptive. There are several phthalates that have been listed as endocrine disruptors and attention has focused on their potential cumulative effects on woman, men and reproductive health.

There are different ways of making perfumes. In creating natural perfumes it can be an arduous and long process depending on the formulations and process that is chosen to extract the essences from the natural substances.

Some of the processes are a combination of Extraction/Distillation. I mainly use this combination in my creations.

Distillation can involve heating the desired material to a certain temperature and condensing it into a vapor that is collected.

Maceration involves a process of ingredients soaked in water, oil or solvent to draw out the fragrant compounds. This can be difficult and tedious but some essences are best done this way along with other processes.

Expression involves compressing materials and squeezing out the aromatic oils.

Enfleurage is a two step process drawing out fragrances into a fat or oil base and then one must extract it with an alcohol.

It is going to be an exciting year for me and Angel Blue Perfume LLC as I work to create and bring to market some of the finest, natural, sensual perfumes that are oil, leaf, root, flower & spice plant essence inspired perfumes and cologne. They are toxin free, synthetic free and never tested on animals!

I do hope you will follow me on my journey of truly distinctive, natural and niche perfumery at angelblueperfume.com

Live your vision, walk in your light-


Tommie Flannery Baskis

Angel Blue Perfume LLC

Owner/Artisan Perfumer


The excerpt below is from a writing published by Dr. Mercola, a distinguished and reputable osteopathic physician. In  2009 he was named the Top Ultimate Wellness Game Changer.


I caution against using any synthetic perfume or cologne, or any other synthetically fragranced personal care product, as they’re almost always loaded with synthetic chemicals that have been linked to cancer, reproductive toxicity, allergies, and more.

And although the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) actually has direct authority to regulate harmful ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products, it doesn’t exercise it… The Environmental Working Group (EWG) explains:1

“When you see ‘fragrance’ on a personal care product’s label, read it as ‘hidden chemicals.’ A major loophole in FDA’s federal law lets manufacturers of products like shampoo, lotion, and body wash include nearly any ingredient in their products under the name ‘fragrance’ without actually listing the chemical.

Companies that manufacture personal care products are required by law to list the ingredients they use, but fragrances and trade-secret formulas are exempt.”

What does this mean for a health-conscious person like yourself? When you purchase a fragrance, it could contain any number of the 3,100 or so stock chemical ingredients used by the fragrance industry. What blend is in most products you buy, exactly, is virtually impossible to ascertain, aside from testing it in a lab – and this is actually what the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics did…



At Angel Blue Perfume LLC, We Create Enchantment with Natural, Artisan Crafted Perfumes & Colognes without Toxins!

DSC06403 T & daffodil.jpg

One will discover in Angel Blue Perfume, all natural, mysterious and lovely notes. I love to select plant essences that are truly sensual and mysterious! I enjoy the harmony of essences and creating a story that unfolds upon ones skin that is sensual, earthy and ethereal. Each of my scents has a special story that is very unique upon the skin of the bearer.

Whether you are seeking a truly feminine or masculine scent, we can offer that enchantment!

Your  senses will be enticed by unique combinations of  warm and exotic mimosa, magnolia, vetiver, frankincense, cocoa, clove, orange blossom, geranium, coconut, rose, ylang ylang, luscious vanilla, jasmine, chamomile, lime, anise, sandalwood, pine, bergamot, cedar wood, lemon, lavender, black pepper, myrrh, amyris, spikenard, violet leaf, rosewood, melissa, coffee and many other enticing note combinations.

The gentlemen can be delighted to know my exclusive signature cologne for them is “DragonSlayer” ; with notes of fresh lime, anise, bergamot, silver fir, sandalwood, cedarwood, black pepper and a touch of cocoa make this truly masculine scent a desirable, warm and smoky blend of sensual plant essences!

The ladies and gentlemen will love the masculine notes that evoke earthy warmth, deep forest with a touch of dark spice.

I love all of my creations at ‘Angel Blue’ and take great care in choosing the finest plant essences from the wood, root, leaf, spice & flower species. I use only GC/MS oils and essences that are wild crafted, distilled and pure.

This enables me to offer luxurious, natural perfumes and cologne for women and men that are free of toxins and synthetic aldehydes. Truly distinctive, lovely and Victorian inspired!

Ash Rose Moon, one of my many feminine scents for women, is an example of an elegant, magical and floral perfume that is very sensual!

Ash Rose Moon is an enticing blend of notes that are sweet with floral magnolia, brightened by the tart & exotic yuzu, a deep romantic rose, earthen and powdery vetiver grass, mysterious melissa and a sensual mystery note that adds complexity to this luscious “Victorian” style perfume!

Please visit our website at angelblueperfume.com 

and request your fine perfume samples today! One can also find Angel Blue Perfume In Louisville, KY at Block Party Handmade Boutique,  downtown on 4th Street and at the location on Frankfort Ave.

Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready to step into your artisan crafted, distinctive, natural fragrance and into your dreams…










‘Lucinda Mae, Jupiter and a Pig Named Pearl in Dusty Spirit Springs’


This special audio and visual recording is from a story of mine, a special place that I am speaking from memory and dreams.

I am reading this as seen through Lucinda Mae’s eyes and thoughts….


XO and Hugs, too



Copyright 2018  Duskflyer Vision Art & Productions

A Heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to all of our Clients, Family & Friends for the Love & Support of our Artisan Creations at Angel Blue Perfume LLC

Duskflyer Vision Art

Tommie, Forest and Angel Blue Perfume Ad.jpgI am so thankful and excited on how well my company Angel Blue Perfume LLC did last year and we are up and running strong this year too!! I am proud to create some of the finest wild crafted, all natural, artisan  perfumes and cologne for woman and men. I have always been inspired by the ‘Old Ways’ and wanted to create holistic, plant based scents without any chemicals or fixatives so you could be assured that each lovely scent creation would be safe and gentle for your body !

Thank you to all of our Family, Friends, Clients and Loyal Supporters who have enjoyed my ‘Victorian inspired’ pefume & cologne and who continue to purchase or supply in their retail store.

The chief chemist and distiller along with our team, handcraft small batches of these divine and unique creations that are all natural, wildcrafted  essential oils and essences to be  mixed into lovely and…

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A Heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to all of our Clients, Family & Friends for the Love & Support of our Artisan Creations at Angel Blue Perfume LLC

Tommie, Forest and Angel Blue Perfume Ad.jpg

I am so thankful and excited to state how well our company, Angel Blue Perfume LLC did last year and we are up and running strong this year too!!
I am proud to create some of the finest wild crafted, all natural, artisan  perfumes and cologne for women and men. I have always been inspired by the ‘Old Ways’ of the Shaker people and Victorian perfume makers and wanted to create holistic, plant based scents without any chemicals or fixatives so you could be assured that each lovely scent creation would be safe and gentle for your body, without the highly toxic chemicals that are present in most all commercial perfume and cologne scents on the market today !
Thank you to all of our Family, Friends, Clients and Loyal Supporters who have enjoyed my ‘Victorian inspired’ pefume & cologne and who continue to purchase or supply in their retail store.
The chief chemist and distiller along with our team, handcraft small batches of these divine and unique creations that are all natural, wildcrafted  essential oils and essences to be  mixed into lovely and alluring scents.
Women and Men, will discover in Angel Blue, many distinctive, mysterious and lovely notes that are sensual, earthy and ethereal.
“Whether you are seeking a truly feminine or masculine scent, we can offer that enchantment!”
The gentlemen can be delighted to know my exclusive signature cologne for them is “DragonSlayer” with notes of fresh lime, anise, bergamot, silver fir, sandalwood, cedarwood, black pepper and a touch of cocoa make this truly masculine scent a desirable warm and smoky blend of sensual plant essences!
The ladies and gents will love the truly masculine notes that evoke earthy warmth, deep forest with a touch of dark spice.
“Angel Blue Scents are Truly a Mysterious and Sensual Delight”
***If you are an Independent Retailer and would like samples please email me at tommieart@earthlink.net or call  618.841.2843

***If you would like luscious samples visit the site  angelblueperfume.com  to get your free samples today! Be sure to follow my blog at Angel Blue to see the exciting distilled essences soon to come.

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Early Knife Making, Mennonite Sam Stoner and a Primitive Knife Making Session to Come on April 25th



The earliest forms of knife like tools and weapons dates back to Lower Paleolithic period around 2 1/2 million years ago and would have been made from flint, rock and bone. The very first metal knives would have been made from Copper, being double edged and symmetrical type daggers. There are many types of knives, knife designs and uses for them depending on the culture of people and the knives intended use.

It is estimated that around 4000 years ago, in the Bronze age, the first single edged knife was created. The men and women would have used this type of knife for cooking, hunting and carpentry work.

The word knife, itself, is said to come from the old Norse word for blade which is ‘knifr’.

During the early 1800’s the knife making guilds of Sheffield were the largest exporters to America from England. These men crafted excellent and superior quality knives that were consistent. Many blacksmiths and small companies were crafting fine knives domestically but had a difficult time among consumers because of the lack of consistent quality.

There is so much intriguing information about the history of knives and how their are constructed. I will not be getting into the details and immense history but just grazing on some of the information and my past visit with Knife Forger and Mennonite, Sam Stoner from Allen County, Kentucky.

Many of you will remember my writing from a few years back on Sam and other artisans in the Mennonite and Amish communities near where I live. I will be visiting with Sam on the 25th of April to do a workshop, video and photograph session where I will be taught and instructed by Sam, to make an early rendition of a knife. Sam is well known in his community and has been featured on KET.

Sam Stoner is a master craftsman, forger and blacksmith who creates incredible knives and swords in his workshop. These fine knives can be purchased and the best way to get in touch with him is by writing to his address in Scottsville, KY. I will post the address at the end of my writing.

When making a knife, metal is forged by heating a single piece of steel and shaping the metal with a hammer or press while it is very hot.

The lovely jeweling, also known as damascening or engine turning, that is sometimes used on knives and guns is not only aesthetically pleasing but serves a utilitarian function. This jeweling process works to cut down on the internal friction by reducing the area contact from the parts to create a smooth action and end result. It greatly increases the holding capacity for lubricant on surfaces, too.

I look forward to my meeting with Knife maker, Sam Stoner and seeing what kind of knife we will create. Please follow my Blog here to stay tuned on my next story with Sam on the 25th of April!

If you would like to contact Sam he can be written at the address below:

Sam Stoner, Jr.

87 Trice Rd.

Scottsville, KY   42164


2018- Copyright   Tommie Flannery Baskis – Duskflyer Vision Art & Productions

All photographs are copyrighted and  strictly forbidden to be used or shared!



(The moments that align) ‘Lucinda Mae, Jupiter and a Pig Named Pearl in Dusty Spirit Springs’


The moments I speak of now are carved deep within the child I once was. The breath of my soul, fearless in the path of the great mystery, I stood proud, in the place of my time; in the place of my knowing…

I am Lucinda Mae. I was born and raised in Dusty Spirit Springs; an old mining town encroached upon the forest like some large, dead shadow of a place. A large forest, abandoned places, old stone graves crumbled, dusty and sun melted in too many Midwest summers

Ole’ Grandpier Primitive Baptist church once was congregation in praise and forgiveness…

Now spider and dust and the darkness vibrate the ether.

I live with my Father, Magnus. Like his Father before him, he is a miner, woodsman, master hunter and my protector; always watching but has a suffering allowance for my independent and curious nature.

Father, lighting his pipe, sits with me on our large, southern wood porch every evening I can recall since I was a girl child. His stories weave a magic spell; lucid, hypnotic and sensual are his words that speak of the ancient gifts shared by the light and dark beings.

He speaks of the love he has for my departed Mother. Her name meant something to him I will never know deeply nor could I speak of with the finest words. I knew her as Aislinn; He called her, Angell…

I wear her dresses she made by hand, now. My favorite is the antique white slip she kept in her cedar box, wrapped in a satchel of cinnamon and coriander.

I am now 22 and Magnus, after slowly exhaling the dark scented pipe smoke, tells me “daughter, you walk in the light of your passing Mother; you favor her in the good ways I can’t be for you. Lucinda, you will find your way just fine, girl. Gentleman Caedmon sees you running tall in his fields, choosing the ripest herbs and plants for your mixin’s. He has a mighty strong fondness for you child. He might come callin’ soon for you.”

I just stare dreamy into the dusk, listening to the deep sound of Magnus and the vibrational drone of the cicada; feeling a sweet desire for the way Jupiter touches me, not the kind of ‘touchin’ you can tell Magnus about. Do we keep some of the sweetest things hidden, in a dark place for fear of losing the rich memory of intimacy or are we just afraid?

Caedmon may be a proper suitor for me, ruggedly handsome, strong and well off, with him being the largest owner of the the calcite and fluorite mines that dwell in these river towns; but my thoughts, my passion are entwined with another. Caedmon, I believe is powerfully dark. In his presence I always hide my true thoughts.

Magnus says my hair is fine and gold like a child in summer. My blue eyes are the color of a winter sky, sometimes they look darker… I am long of limb from running in all of old man Caedmon’s fields of clover and goldenrod.

My story, like others, will stand the test of time because of the combined and distinctive gifts me and my three friends Leroy Rose, Jupiter and Kane came to be in our time. I suppose I must also speak of the very large, (miniature) Pig that Leroy Rose had and so endearingly named ‘Pearl. I called her by another name I will not speak, for my Daddy would frown upon such language that he felt a southern lady must not utter. These are some of the things I also, keep hidden.

The people of our town were gifted in a strange way. Some of us had a gift they called  ‘the sight’. The townsfolk had a nickname for us, the ‘lanterns’; we were taught to use this for the betterment of all creation, by our town’s Elders. Not all had this particular gift, for there were many other gifts too; some so powerful ‘hot’, they had to be used in darkness and only the most disciplined in will and spirit were graced with. My Mother was one-

I cannot speak of these things, it is forbidden of me and grave consequences will befall my spirit if I would. I am only allowed, as Lucinda Mae, to speak of my own story and my three friends who shared this gift of knowing in our time, in our town…our secret old mining town.

Jupiter, Leroy Rose, Kane and Me had a secret that went beyond what we all shared as gifts…

(to be continued) …












Our Synfuels Patent-Cannabidiol Extraction Plant and Processes, is a Paradigm Shift in the Hemp/Agriculture Industry!

IMG_6046 Paul headshot at Mammoth Cave Forest.jpg

We are excited here at Synfuels Assets Management LLC to announce that our groundbreaking Patent, 9895404- Cannabidiol Extraction Plant Processes will be a large shift in Hemp/Agriculture industry. This process works equally as well with THC extraction and will extract any Terpenes and Alkaloid oils without any wax content!

This will take the cannabis industry out of the realm of cottage producers to the scale of agricultural industry!

This powerful system provides for the high quality extraction of an extremely bio active oil that can be used in tinctures and also is fat soluble which makes it wonderful for baked goods, etc. The oil can be used in beverages and other liquid products, too.

This is an Industrial Process that will encourage the development of large markets and bring the Cannabis industry out of the ‘cottage’ market stage that it is presently in.

The advantages of this special process are:

1.)  The process is a flow through distillation process

2.)  The extraction process is a pulse batch to increase the alkaloid oil recovery. However it can be run as a flow through to increase process throughput.

3.)  The CBD oil can undergo decarboxylation if desired during the process.

4.)  The alkaloid oil can be further purified through a number of post processing steps.

5.)  The extracted oil is very rich in terpenes and other highly active components that are naturally in the cannabis oil.

6.)  There are NO WAXES in the finished product making further processing very simple!

7.)  This process can handle fresh harvested plants directly from the field without a significant change in CBD/THC content in the oil and provide dewatering for the fiber.

8.)  Final product has a fresh, great taste, making it good for all types of ingestion.

9.)  The process capital cost per pound is extremely low when calculated on a per day basis ($51.50) where as CO2 Extraction methods can be as high as 33,000.00/lb./day

10.)  This process is fully automatic with minimum requirement for personnel.

The Inventor, Paul Baskis, is a well know national and international scientist holding several patents in waste to energy conversion and waste treatment as well as waste minimization. Paul has been involved in technology development for 30 years  . His inventions are in use in the agriculture and food processing industries. Mr. Baskis is the CEO/President of Baswood Assets Management, LLC  that manages the assets generated off of his interests in Baswood Corporation, a company that deploys waste water treatment systems in the industrial and municipal waste industry.

Paul is the CEO of Synfuels Assets Management LLC, a company that provides Licenses to companies such as Atlas, to technologies useful in the conversion of organic compounds into very valuable commodities such as fuels, chemicals and coke for the metallurgical industry and gases for producing electricity.

He has reached worldwide fame through recognition of his invention of the Thermo-De-polymerization (TDP) for which he holds over 60 patents worldwide. The Thermal De-polymerization Process has produced over 3 million gallons of high quality synthetic fuel per year and was featured in Scientific American, Discovery, National Geographic, Money Magazine and many others.

Synfuels Team:

*I, Tommie Flannery Baskis, am the President of Synfuels Assets Management LLC. I am responsible for marketing and management of intellectual property assets. Synfuels is primarily responsible for processes that produce energy from low level waste material from either Industry or Municipal origin and utilizes a physical chemical and thermal processes to produce high value products either fuels or precursors for the chemical industry such as Methylene, Ethylene, Propylene and Butylene along with many others. The processes involved also upgrade heavy petroleum, tar sands, asphaltine resids along with reforming waste plastics, rubber, cellulose and virtually any other organic carbon based material into fuels and petrochemicals.

Email: tommieart@earthlink.net

PH-  618.841.2843

Mobile- 618.841.7428IMG_4809 Tommie by the Woods 2



Each Artisan Crafted Scent has a Lovely Story Waiting to Unfold Upon the Skin of its Bearer

Angel Blue Perfume Universal Ad 3

The story behind the creations of “Angel Blue Perfume” is a sweet and lyrical Tale…

I am Tommie Flannery Baskis and I love to create a story, mood and memories with wild crafted and distilled oil, root, leaf, flower and spice essences to bring you truly distinctive, holistic and elegant scents that are the dreams of “Angel Blue Perfume” and its many fragrant note combinations.

As a child I had a fascination with the trees, edible wild plants and flowers I would find on my woodland  journeys and camping trips. In my time, my Father taught me about “growing things” and I took it upon myself to research and study the plants I would find in the forest and countryside.

Through the years, my  love and admiration grew for the plant, resin, spice and wood properties that made up essential oils and essences.  Angel Blue started to evolve from my dreams into a successful reality.

“The wild-crafted, distilled essences of Angel Blue Perfume LLC are luxurious and sensual fragrances with notes that enliven your spirit! “Each artisan crafted scent has a lovely story waiting to unfold upon the skin of its bearer…”

I am proud to offer you some of the finest choices in luxury perfume from natural, wild crafted essences and oils without petrochemicals, synthetic aldehydes, sulfates, parabens and phthalates.

Below are the wild-crafted, plant essence ‘notes’ that can be found in Angel Blue Perfumes and Cologne!

Angel Blue,  is my divine and elegant signature scent with dreamy & luscious notes of sugared mimosa, cinnamon, chamomile and vanilla! The sensuous notes chosen create a spicy floral balanced by sweet wood notes with a touch of warm sugar finish!

Lady Scarlett,  with a warm, sensual southern charm that carry notes of sweet orange blossom, rose, vetiver, ylang ylang, vanilla sugar and cinnamon. This is a truly rich and elegant perfume that is enchanting!

Wildchild County, will raise some ‘dust and desire’ with this luscious, sensual floral that has a warmth of new spring flowers basking in the sunshine! This perfume carry the delicate notes of sweet orange, vanilla bean, exotic mimosa, sandalwood and ylang ylang to stir the senses with its floral and complex brightness. It is a truly joyful and sensual scent!

Summer Midnights, will enchant your heart with dreamy notes of rich rosewood, orange blossom, cooling lavender, cocoa and ylang ylang ! This lovely and classic artisan perfume is rich with wood notes, deep sugared cocoa and the luscious fragrance of orange and sweet floral that are reminiscent of fragrant summer evenings!

Antique Slip, for the days of dreaming  I have created this rich fragrance that is clean and bright with notes of rich woods, spices and sweetness with cassia, cedarwood, lavender, rose geranium &  luscious vanilla! A very luscious ‘Victorian Inspired’ perfume!

Seaside Sugar, will create longings for sugar sand beaches, sweet breezes and warm sunshine with notes of luscious lime, cocoa, vanilla, cinnamon and German chamomile! This fragrance will entice you with its joyful, sweet and clean notes!

DragonSlayer,  is an earthy, sensual and very masculine scent for the Menfolk with deep notes of lime, anise, silver fir, sandalwood, cedarwood and black pepper that will surely entice.

Ash Rose Moon, is inspired by evening walks through ‘Smoky Angel Hollow’ as the last golden rays shimmer on the cinnamon dust path before you… many delights await with sweet notes of yuzu, magnolia, melissa, rose, vetiver and cassia! This elegant and distinctive scent embodies pure lusciousness with rose, tart magnolia and citrus yuzu, sweet warmth from notes of spicy cassia and melissa to be grounded by earthy and wooden notes of vetiver! A true classical perfume scent!

The truly distinctive, holistic essences of  artisan crafted Angel Blue Perfume LLC  are combined to create desirable, luxury fragrances with notes that enliven your spirit and be free of all synthetic aldehydes, fixatives, toxins and phthalates!

Whether your day is promised to a business meeting, a fun filled afternoon or a special evening engagement, you will surely enjoy the unique, elegant and sensual fragrance line of  Angel Blue Perfume and Cologne.

I also offer the service of ‘Love Letters’ to accompany your fine gift to a loved one or a client! These lovely notes can be as personal and intimate as you wish! Let me help you craft the words eloquently to someone special. You can choose from notes already created or let me draft a ‘Love Letter’ with your assistance!

If you would like a sample please visit my contact page and fill out the name, address and what sample and size you would like!  1 ml samples are FREE and 2 ml samples are Two dollars.

Live your Vision, Walk in your Light…


Tommie Flannery Baskis


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(c) 2016 copyright- All perfumes, colognes and media owned by Angel Blue Perfume LLC and Pure Inertia Media








Early Town, the Carnival Lady and An Attic of Secrets



Early Town, the Carnival Lady and An Attic of Secrets

The days set slow in Early Town where shadows arrange in mysterious shapes under hazy trees of late summer.

I walk along a dry path; a dusting of cinnamon shimmer rises and settles in a traveling breeze across the field of milkweed and yarrow.

The path I travel finds its place along Gum Creek Cemetery and the house of the old carnival lady.

Time seems limpid and very still at the old wooden house. Her treasures are all within…the carnival stories told over again on porch swings during hot summer nights, only when children are dreaming. The tarnished charms, intimate letters wrapped in faded ribbon and dried lavender, dead flowers from a long ago lover, carnival posters, moth eaten lace dress slips and secrets….

These things live high in her house among the attic walls.

On moon bright midnights, broken shards of attic window glass shine on wood board floor, like geometric shaped jewels from a strange faraway place.

When the storms come dressed with the “whistling winds “as the old lady calls them, they will rattle the carnival parchment posters from yesteryear.

This sound reminds me of the frantic dying moth stuck inside a small wooden box.

I smile and ask her for a story that was new once, long moments ago.

She speaks to me “The secrets are not for sharing, they are for finding.”

We share…only yarrow tea and moments of silence….

One autumn afternoon, when the yarrow is long and milky white in the field, illumined by a hot sun, I will return to the path past Gum Creek Cemetery, all shadows and silent wildflowers…and settle upon the vine covered porch of the old carnival woman’s house.

An old envelope, showing signs of dust and time I find as I enter through the door, upon the first step of the stairs. Small and neat are the words “For You My Child, Seeker of Secrets” and inside was a clean paper and pen with a small note attached at the top…

“We are receivers of this presence, we are like secrets finding, unfolding unto the light.

The manifested thought is our creation alone. Guide it; nurture it from a place of true wonderment…


DSC05672 Spring Forest


IMG_3461 Glass Jar Attic Steps