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Wishes for Hope, Graciousness and Faith in our Time of Living…

Originally posted on Duskflyer Vision Art:
” To be able to hear the divine calling, for grace to flow abundantly, it is enough to love something dearly, music, the sun, or a little child.”   – Ramakrishna ? The season of Christmas and the coming of the New Year has always felt like the most serene and reflective gift I could ever receive as a…


Autumn Fog, Historic Midway, KY 2017

    ‘Autumn fog wraps a field like spirits moving low above the reeds; where chilled air rings birdsong on tendrils of suns first light’   Midway, KY, established in January of 1835,  is a historic, gorgeous quaint town nestled in Woodford County, KY. This town is famous for its thoroughbred race horse breeding operations, tobacco farms, historic stone walls and Distilling Company which continued … Read More Autumn Fog, Historic Midway, KY 2017

Autumns New Fire

Autumns New Fire   Autumn, …whirls in like a strange angel Its touching is sacred and cold. All gloriously bathed in  frostweed down, purple ironweed and goldenrod; Burning hues that glow in the dusty hollow where the wingless live and have been silent. A seasoned, ash winter will relinquish and venerate to a winged spirit of the freshly awakened birth-   Tommie Flannery Baskis- Writings by Duskflyer Vision-2016 … Read More Autumns New Fire