Heirloom Egg Ornaments

Welcome to my Artisan & Hand-Painted, ‘One of a kind ‘ Egg Ornament Gallery!

These lovely and real chicken egg ornaments are such a joy to create!

Each egg ornament is carefully prepared and oven cured, painted with tiny brushed scenes, glazed, embellished with jewel and crushed glitter, to become precious heirloom and collectible ornaments! Artisan made,  like the ones that were created in the ‘old way’ throughout the Holiday seasons of the past!

Each egg ornament is unique, never reproduced, making them fine collectible gifts for you and your loved ones.


Tommie, XO

‘Winter Barn’ – Heirloom Egg Ornament

A lovely evening, snow landscape frames this rustic barn and winter tree against a velvet rosy sky on this artisan and heirloom egg ornament! Hand painted with tiny brushes, glazed and glittered, to create a collectible memory for you or a loved one this Christmas season!


‘Snowy Night Forest’ – Heirloom Egg Ornament

A snowy forest path under moon glow make this a charming seasonal, heirloom ornament for giving and collecting! Oven cured, hand painted and glazed, embellished with crystal and crushed glitter!


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‘Country Cottage’ – Heirloom Egg Ornament

A lovely cottage in the winter countryside, sits by an icy stream in the moonlight! A lovely, artisan collectible ornament can be your to enjoy this Holiday season!


‘The Snowman’- Heirloom Egg Ornament

A joyful snowman under a winters moon, will delight you or a loved one, as a collectible Christmas ornament for the season of Joy! Hand- painted, glazed, oven cured and glitter make this a festive heirloom ornament gift!


‘The Toy Shop’ – Heirloom Egg Ornament

An artisan, hand- painted, heirloom egg ornament! This lovely and unique ornament is oven cured, painted, glazed, jeweled and glittered to create an heirloom and collectible ornament for you or a loved one!


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