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The Abandoned Story, A Written and Pictorial Journey of
Abandoned Places, Rural Haunts and Small Towns of Indiana
Volume I and II

‘The Abandoned Story’ author and photographer, Tommie Flannery Baskis, weaves intriguing prose, written historical accounts and distinctive photograph images of small town, Mid-west America, rural haunts and cemeteries, the mysterious story, back roads and abandoned places and objects left behind from people’s lives.

The story she tells with her photographs and prose, are passionate, humorous at times and intriguing historically. She is keenly aware of how stories can become forgotten and lost, through time. Tommie’s impassioned message of keeping the story alive through documenting and shining a light upon abandoned places, ruins, old towns and objects left behind with her camera and writings, impart upon us the importance of those that came before us.

Many of the abandoned houses, church ruins, cemeteries and small towns not only have deteriorated but some of these places Tommie has documented are no longer there. Her captures and poignant story about these lost places from a bygone time, can be treasured and reminisced upon within her book, The Abandoned Story.

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