Summer Memory at Dripping Springs © by Tommie Flannery Baskis Late summer days linger in hazy dreams before the door of autumn. I find in Dripping Springs an old forgotten rose bush by the white clapboard home, abandoned many, many summers ago. The rotten bird house still clings to a post at the old, Pickett… Continue reading Untitled

Old Grandpier Primitive Baptist Church

“The watcher knows the mystery in the living, dances close to what we promised to not remember…” The vision will be dreamed through the season of knowing… The vision will be passed on to you and me… Tommie,  I>  I=   Old Grandpier Primitive Baptist Church It was a very old Baptist Church, settled on… Continue reading Old Grandpier Primitive Baptist Church

‘Lucinda Mae, Jupiter and a Pig Named Pearl in Dusty Spirit Springs’

  This special audio and visual recording is from a story of mine, a special place that I am speaking from memory and dreams. I am reading this as seen through Lucinda Mae’s eyes and thoughts…. Enjoy XO – Tommie   Copyright 2018  Duskflyer Vision Art & Productions

Angel Blue and Einar in Marrowbone Town (in the beginning…)

    Marrowbone town is as ancient and orphic as the memory is intimate with secrets. Light is the same at Marrowbone in the morning as it is at dusk, when the sun and star shine, upon silver sheen fog, reach the eyes. One will find many treasures and visions among the souls of townsfolk… Continue reading Angel Blue and Einar in Marrowbone Town (in the beginning…)