‘Lucinda Mae, Jupiter and a Pig Named Pearl in Dusty Spirit Springs’

  This special audio and visual recording is from a story of mine, a special place that I am speaking from memory and dreams. I am reading this as seen through Lucinda Mae’s eyes and thoughts…. Enjoy XO – Tommie   Copyright 2018  Duskflyer Vision Art & Productions

Fluff, is the magical ‘Stuff’ I find left behind on my ‘Abandoned House Journeys’

Tommie Flannery Baskis, photographing her abandoned houses and rural haunts on her journeys for the book ‘The Abandoned Story’

Sugar Dust House

Sugar Dust House The Licorice limbed, trees are the first greeters upon our ascent, to Sugar Dust House. Rustling leaves make a sound, as if slowly drawing breath and releasing onto the cool ether. They lie like damp nutmeg parchment, underneath our heedful stepping. The antiquated brick house With its windows that have gone into… Continue reading Sugar Dust House

The Dark Attic

The Dark Attic   The dark attic, the bearer of stillness…. The frost glazed, glass window hung high, etched by days of ice and wind… My windows are a looking mirror, into the seasons of the past. A summer storm, finds my love and I on cool board and quilt of down…a secret place. Autumn… Continue reading The Dark Attic