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My Art Studio, A Place for Dreams-

I am so thrilled to be back into my large art studio again to celebrate the New Year of 2018 ! I have always enjoyed walking through the door of my studio to a warmness, an inviting coziness that is serene yet stimulating. The radio, that is quietly playing a classical tune, is there to greet me. This is my place to create, my place … Read More My Art Studio, A Place for Dreams-


The Secret Place (11:11)

The Secret Place (11:11) In the long days and moments of her dream wandering, she will discover the Secret Place. She moves at peace through angel snow and forest, as a child that knows its way. She comes with the hope of eternal sun, a rustling leaf melody and the bloom of life dancing to cicada’s electric hum. Her eyes of wandering reflect what … Read More The Secret Place (11:11)


Halloween Eve and the Celtic Festival of Samhain

    Halloween Eve, of which is also known to many as “All Hallows Evening” and “All Saints’ Eve” is celebrated by many countries on October 31st. The three day observance includes remembering our dear departed loved ones, saints and martyrs by placing candles on the graves of the dead. The Halloween traditions of gathering with loved ones and friends, eating delicious foods and candies, … Read More Halloween Eve and the Celtic Festival of Samhain


The Lightning Walnut Tree

  The Lightning Walnut Tree September 23, I stand small, in the summer of my innocence, beneath the ancient struck walnut tree. The shimmery haze of thick Summer sun hypnotizes me, as I dream of a silver winged storm that struck a jagged rip down through the black walnut tree above me. Moving on the lazy porch swing by the river, I remember the … Read More The Lightning Walnut Tree

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