The Dance in the Doorway in Feather Bed Hollow

11:11 PM, every night was known as the 137th moment. The entire town knew to offer up one special thought from something that had happened that day. We would focus upon the thought secretly, holding it with deep intention and blessing.

As we aged, all children became very skilled and powerful at being ‘Dream Seers’, for the good of all.

Bone Dust August

“I will never forget this particular August; it crept upon us like a veiled shadow on the perimeter of the sun’s last rays. The summer felt toilsome and arcane. It is as if I had been holding my breath, silently; afraid I would not hear the story that was written for me. It seemed like… Continue reading Bone Dust August

The Watcher in Winter ~

I can feel his power as a Watcher, all those hours in time, to reach beyond the looking glass; to find me…to move me; beyond my dreams. He speaks to me; his voice resonating like waves upon a mighty storm at sea. “My name resides in a place before your time was set. I am… Continue reading The Watcher in Winter ~

~Lady of the Woods~

Lady of the Woods Shimmering ashes and silvered cloth, draped long, flowing behind her, like a slow fog whispering over the forest path to adorn the lady of the woods. As the sun lies down before her, a glory of mist, in the heavens; to form the very breath of Angels of the winter land.… Continue reading ~Lady of the Woods~

~ All Warriors, Seers, Executors of the Forgotten Promise ~

~ He, the One who has given me everything, walks before me; in light that hides in dark places of the forest ~ TFB ~Do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known…what I tell you in the dark speak… Continue reading ~ All Warriors, Seers, Executors of the Forgotten Promise ~

~Children Running our Shadows Down, the Long Roads of Forever~

I recall a time that we drove underneath a winter moon, with fire in our souls;  Lucinda, the Men and me, Michaele Ruby, sharing Christmas whiskey in the backseat of Grandad’s beat up truck. The luminous elixir shook and shone, in moon lit glass, upon our cotton print dresses set in motion by the wind;… Continue reading ~Children Running our Shadows Down, the Long Roads of Forever~

~Children of the Shadows~

~ A child of the shadows dwells between two places; in the ‘Age of Man’ and ‘Beyond the Veil’ ~   This child is born unto a time where Angels cast their light upon the path that must be taken~ During the Winter Solstice, snow falls soft, melting upon the songs of the Dark-eyed Junco… Continue reading ~Children of the Shadows~

Marrowbone Town’s Secrets

    Marrowbone town is as ancient and orphic as the memory is intimate with secrets. Light is the same at Marrowbone in the morning as it is at dusk, when the sun and star shine, upon silver sheen fog, reach the eyes. One will find many treasures and visions among the souls of townsfolk… Continue reading Marrowbone Town’s Secrets


      ~ A Town at Night has its own Secrets ~   ‘A town at night has its own secrets.’ An old woman whispered this into my child’s ear when I was I was growing.  I recall the late afternoon she came shuffling down the lane by our house in October, while my Daddy… Continue reading ~ A TOWN AT NIGHT HAS ITS OWN SECRETS ~

~The Secret Place ~

  The Secret Place ~ In the long days and moments of her dream wandering, she will discover the Secret Place. She moves through the forest, as a child that knows its path. She sees eternal sun, hears the melody of rustling dead leaves and the bloom of life, dancing to cicada’s electric hum. Her eyes reflect what she has… Continue reading ~The Secret Place ~