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IMG_3016 wofwinadarkforest 1“I have created since I can remember and I love to be an integral part in this magical existence we call creation.

The power of the sun finding its path into an abandoned house; reaching its path into a lonely corner of a room. The mystery of being pulled into a hidden place, for you know there is something to see.
These things amaze me; this is what moves me to capture a moment, shine a light on what has been hidden. To share a thought, however brief and small it may be; seeing, what has always been there. This is what creation is to me…”

I have always been intrigued by the story and mystery intricately woven by those places and objects of abandonment. It is in the creating of my new painting, photograph and writing that this vision and story comes into manifestation.

The story that has been left behind from abandoned places and things will never cease to exist. The story just seems to shift and bear a new light onto its observer.

I feel that I am a joyful observer, reflecting an old story; bringing to light the timeless soul that was forgotten.

 If you would like to view and purchase a distinctive, fine art painting, archival photograph, heirloom hand-painted egg ornament, or my published book, ‘The Abandoned Story’ by Tommie Flannery Baskis, please visit the links above~

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Blessings and Love.

Tommie Flannery Baskis

‘I watched her from a hidden place on high as the wind played about her hair; gently shining like gold threaded gossamer~

She held flowers the way lovers embrace. She moved through the forest like an enchanting lullaby~

Moving into the light, as shadows danced behind her; I watched as her thoughts formed all that she could not speak…

I felt her watching me from a hidden place on high; my house had grown dark through the hours. The evening scents of sharp lilac and warm pipe ashes awake me from my dreams, as the last rays of sunlight melted a reflection upon my eyes.

I eagerly await her passing my cottage, returning to her Father.

Her silk gown flows slowly like a damp mist upon the forest floor; before disappearing into the dark trees.’

From my short story titled ~

~We are receivers of this presence, we are like secrets finding, unfolding unto the light~

Mimosa and Angel Blue’s Dress

Lovely, hand-painted heirloom Egg Ornaments, Paintings and Writings, by Duskflyer Vision

The light that fills your vessel has been stored within your coded essence;

to reflect out and upon every moment beyond time; every thought is recorded upon a flowing current, of what is to come…


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