Welcome to my photographic gallery at Duskflyer Vision Art!

If you should see a photograph you or your business would want to purchase, you can view the price list below:

Fill out the contact form above and choose the title and photograph size you wish. A paypal button will be sent to your e-mail address for the purchase of the signed and numbered photograph-

All photographs are professionally printed on archival paper, signed and from a numbered collection-

8×10:  $33.00

11×14:  $48.00

16×20:  $68.00

20×30:  $120.00

“My inspiration is a focus on the intimacy and awareness of the sensual connections of man and woman with nature. I am intrigued by the mystery of our earthen vessel always seeking the divine…”

I have driven, hiked and explored ‘many a mile’ to document and photograph rural Americas abandoned houses, towns, haunts, forgotten cemeteries, the rivers and forests of Mid-west America for my book ‘The Abandoned Story’!

I love to shine a light on the forgotten, ‘old story’ of America with my camera and writings-


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