I have always admired Dr. Werner Von Braun, the Vison of the Saturn1, 1B, V Rockets, Liquid propellant Inspired, and ATSF satellite technology!

“The Eagle has landed” Apollo 11

Because of the genius of Dr. Werner Von Braun, everything we have that deals in satellite systems is from Von Braun’s Rocket technological systems!

He loved teaching and inspiring people and the young! He promoted space travel tirelessly. We made it to the moon but he never saw his dream of Mars.

Thanks to President John F. Kennedy, who believed in his expertise, we landed on the moon.

The video link above is still, to this day, exciting to watch ! Enjoy-

Thank you Dr. Werner Von Braun fro your dreams as a boy and a Man of vision. You are one of my favorite scientist of all time.

























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