Category: The Dreams that We Become


My Art Studio, A Place for Dreams-

I am so thrilled to be back into my large art studio again to celebrate the New Year of 2018 ! I have always enjoyed walking through the door of my studio to a warmness, an inviting coziness that is serene yet stimulating. The radio, that is quietly playing a classical tune, is there to greet me. This is my place to create, my place … Read More My Art Studio, A Place for Dreams-


‘Lady of the Woods’

      ‘Lady of the Woods’ Shimmering ashes and silvered cloth, drape long and smooth, Like a slow fog that whispers over the forest path, to adorn the Lady of the Woods. As the sun lays down before her, a glory of misty silk in the smoky heaven; The very breath of Angels of the Winter land. Her lullaby, shattered crystals that resonate bright … Read More ‘Lady of the Woods’