I am so excited to be giving a Presentation on ‘The Abandoned Story’ for the Barren County Historical Society, in March of this year 2019.

Duskflyer Vision Art & Productions

The Abandoned Story ad 1

I have always enjoyed finding ‘a lost story’ among the ruins of abandoned places. There is a mystery, a hidden tale to be unlocked from those things and people that have come before us.

It is like a quiet force that calls to me; to discover what must be seen and understood.

I have a unique perspective and purpose to shine a  light upon these things, places and stories. In capturing the silent moment, in an abandoned place with my camera, the dream and vision of what was there before can be brought to light, and experienced again.

In doing this, I hope to share and resurrect the ‘lost story’ that has been forgotten through time.

Through writing and photographing these places on my journeys I hope to keep the story alive, as a reminder for future generations to remember-   “The life that came before us, once was more, than a forgotten dream. It is from this place, that we have come forth.”

I would love to…

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